THE MİZAR CU Series is a device designed to separate the internal and external parts of any cable, thus preparing it to be recycled. THE MİZAR CU Series consists of three main systems of granulation, separation and blowers to effectively fragment and dismember 99,6% of the internal and external parts of any cables.The machine is fed with the required material manually via a conveyor band or fed with MİZAR AC Series Pre-Shredder fully automatic within smart PLC soſtware. The machine system operates on a single chasis, and is user controlled and navigated via a PLC and simple to use touch-screen control panel. In the MİZAR EC Series, Sweden “SKF” brand heat-resistant bearings were used and “UDDEHOLM” Sweden brand “Sverker 21” model was used for special process and hardness steel blades. All electrical / electronic equipments are “SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER”, hydraulic system is “BOSCH REXROTH”. According to product capacities CU60, CU80 and CU120 are three models. CE and EAC certificates are available.
  • Productivity %99,6
  • System Guarantee
  • Profit %200
CU60 CU80 CU120
ENGINE 45 kW 55 kW 90 kW
BLADE CODE 30+4 40+6 60+8
WEIGHT 3.800 Kg 5.000 Kg 7.400 Kg
LENGTH 4.100 mm 5.300 mm 6.200 mm
WIDTH 1.900 mm 2.000 mm 2.100 mm
HEIGHT 3.200 mm 3.600 mm 3.700 mm
CAPACITY 550 - 750 kg/hour 750 - 1.000 kg/h 1.000 - 1.500 Kg/h

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