THE MİZAR G Series is designed to convert all kinds of cables, electronic cards (WEEE), radiators, plastics, woods and tires into granules. The fixed blades and moving blades used in THE MİZAR G Series are made of “UDDEHOLM” Sweden or “BÖHLER” German branded tool steel.According to material, Chrom or Hardox screens are available belong to demand. MİZAR G series work single or combination with other MİZAR series. In the MİZAR G Series, Sweden “SKF” brand heat-resistant bearings were used. All electrical / electronic equipments are “SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER” and hydraulic system is “BOSCH REXROTH”. According to product capacities G60, G80 and G120 are three models. CE and EAC certificates are available.
  • Productivity %99,6
  • System Guarantee
  • Profit %200
G60 G80 G120
ENGINE 45 kW 55 kW 90 kW
BLADE CODE 30+4 40+6 60+8
WEIGHT 2.000 kg 2.100 Kg 2.600 Kg
LENGTH 1.500 mm 1.600 mm 1.800 mm
WIDTH 1.380 mm 1.580 mm 1.980 mm
HEIGHT 2.100 mm 2.100 mm 2.300 mm
CAPACITY 500 - 750  Kg/h 750 - 1.000  Kg/h 1.000-1.500 Kg/h
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