Mizar Makine is a Turkish company which is specialized in the design and production of recycling technologies.

Our factory -in compliance with current legislation and legislation- has mass production band, modern machinery with latest technology and in compliance with current legislation and legislation.

Working for a cleaner environment; is as important as economic gain for grinding and recycling of various materials, valuable materials for us.

We are working for a cleaner environment and economic benefit with grinding and recycling a wide variety of materials and other valuable materials from copper, aluminum and differentiated waste.

As Mizar Machine; we produce a wide range of guaranteed machines with excellent design, maintenance services, maintain high quality standards; support sectoral developments and offer the most advanced solutions.

As Mizar Machine; We are designing machines suitable for market demands with expert staff, quality service and professional business approach.

As Mizar Machine; we are constantly improving, developing our equipment, looking for new ways to more modern and efficient recycling.